Inspiring the next generation to reach their potential in business

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Reviewed: June 2020

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Inspiring the next generation to reach their potential in business

Applebee Marketing Limited is proud to be just one of the more recent organisations to support the work of the Leicestershire Education Business Company (LEBC). As volunteers, companies like Applebee Marketing participate in events run by LEBC that aim to inform and inspire students as our workforce of tomorrow, about various choices available to them after education.

Founder and Managing Director of Applebee Marketing said “I am passionate about helping young people reach their full potential. As a business, it is essential to pass on some of our knowledge and experience to the next generation. 

“LEBC offer students valuable insights into the real world of work. They organise events with local schools such as mock interviews and speed networking. It’s an excellent opportunity for the students to ask questions to employers from a wide variety of industry sectors.” He added. 

Andy went on to say “It can help students make an informed career decision, gain confidence, get interview experience and advice on building a better CV. Delivered as part of the school’s curriculum, all of this professional interaction comes with limited pressure on the individuals. From an employer’s perspective, all you do is turn up – LEBC sort everything else. 

“Take the Speed Networking sessions. These are fast-paced careers events that allow young people to gain a wealth of knowledge about a variety of jobs and career opportunities in a short amount of time. During each session, volunteers from a business like Applebee Marketing will speak to pairs of students who will ask questions about their job and career journey. 

“It’s a great way to support the next generation and give something back to your community. I recommend trying it. You’ll be surprised by how rewarding it is.” He concluded. 

Any business interested in volunteering can visit the LEBC website at to find out more information on how to get involved. Alternatively, contact either Grace or Imogen at LEBC on 0116 240 7000.

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