East Midlands Chamber Membership

Reviewed: December 2019

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East Midlands Chamber Membership

Applebee Marketing announces its membership of the East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire)

One of the first things Andy Hubbard, Founder and MD of Applebee Marketing did was to join the East Midlands Chamber. Having worked in businesses that have been members of the chamber for most of his working life, Andy appreciated the many benefits that membership offers.

Whether you’re looking to grow, connect, develop skills, influence, trade internationally, target specific opportunities or are looking to benefit from heavily discounted services, membership criteria is based on the size of your business, so the amount you pay to become a member is relative - minimising risk and maximising value. 

"For me, membership of the East Midlands Chamber represents vale for money commented Andy. "The benefits of membership are wide ranging, from business support, though campaigning and lobbying to workforce training and development. Applebee Marketing has already benefitted from attending several professionally run Digital Growth Programme training sessions. I can say with confidence that we have already more than paid for the annual membership fee". Added Andy.

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