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Applebee Marketing provides complete marketing and public relations support for your business. With over 30-years industry experience, we work with businesses of all sizes to create and deliver successful marketing strategies and campaigns.

We specialise in creating tailored marketing solutions across a wide range of sectors including; B2B industrial, manufacturing & engineering, hospitality, professional services, training and charity. So, whatever it is your organisation does, we'll support you with strategic marketing planning and ensure campaigns are implemented on-time and on budget.

We can not only help develop your marketing strategy, but we can also create and deliver your marketing communications (marcoms) campaigns for you.

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From marketing strategy...

Working closely with either the business owner, or senior management team, we develop a strategic marketing plan following tried and tested processes. The starting point is understanding your overarching corporate/business strategy. In other words, what is it the organisation wants to achieve? What are its objectives? What are its strengths and weaknesses and, where do its opportunities and threats come from? The information is collected in a strategic marketing audit and forms the foundation of the rest of the process.

Next, we formulate the strategy. Again, working closely with the business we explore your competitive advantage and positioning giving us an understanding of 'where to play and how to win.'

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...To campaign reality

Once you have a defined marketing strategy, we will develop and create a tactical marketing plan using all the elements of the marketing mix; product, price, place, promotion, people and process.

Finally, it's down to making it happen. Successfully delivering the marketing plan is all about successfully managing each element of every campaign and measuring its performance against predefined targets and objectives. Whether it's a new product or service launch on a website or a general brand awareness campaign, we ensure that each element of the marketing plan; press release, ad, radio or TV interview, leaflet, brochure, web page or social media post is created and delivered on brief, on schedule, and within budget.

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"Effective marketing is about building strong relationships with your customers and delivering on what you promise"

Marketing Strategy

Planning is vital. A successful brand strategy affects all aspects of a business from the product or service, through sales and pricing to customer needs and the competitive environment.

Intergrated Marketing Strategies

Marketing influences each and everyone of us every day of our lives. We’re here to help you promote your products to the right people, in the right place and at the right time.

Sales Lead Generation

Both outbound and inbound marketing campaigns have their place. The difference with inbound is that over time, it will be the customers approaching you when they're ready to buy.


We will work with you to write literature, technical papers, press releases, blogs, training materials and presentations to ensure a consistent and professional message is communicated.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art of visual communication. Whether we’re producing logos, branding, literature, newsletters, advertising or product packaging visual content is always key.

Website & Content Management

These days websites are ‘must have’ tool for any business. We offer web design, web content development and social media content planning and management.

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Looking to promote your business to others?

We can help you establish your business as a leader in it's field by;
- Researching your business, industry sectors, customers & competitors
- Working with you to develop a strategic marketing plan
- Help align and integrate your sales and marketing activities
- Developing and promoting the company and its products or services
- Creating and delivering effective marketing campaigns 
- Nurturing customer relationships

So, what can we help you with?

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